directoapp $DRTP Ecosystem Will Power Future Generations.

There is no lack of discussion on emerging Blockchain projects. A discussion that sounds repetitive the way most projects sound the same. Now we have a new Web3 solution to open cross-border revenue streams in the freelance market. directoapp $DRTP ecosystem backed by the Binance Smart Chain network is providing a seamless platform giving control back to its users. directoapp’s Web3 platform provides a seamless open marketplace and offers up to forty percent fewer fees, quicker transactions, and user anonymity.

Why is this important? If you have used a centralized freelance platform, then you know there is a twenty to twenty-five percent fee for every transaction. Most freelance platforms, require freelancers to pay these high fees and wait fourteen to thirty days before receiving their earnings. In addition, the process to receive their earnings from the platform to the bank will require another fee. directoapp $DRTP ensures a much faster process without barriers, leveraged by smart contracts validated on the BSC network. There is no doubt the freelance market is growing, a global understanding post-pandemic. The freelance market makes up thirty-eight percent of the global workforce's gross domestic product. In the next five years, this number is expected to exceed forty-nine percent of the total GDP.

Opening a freelance marketplace using Web3 Blockchain technology allows underprivileged economies that are controlled by government officials, to earn in a seamless ecosystem. directoapp’s mission is to push the narrative forward for global equal opportunity and ensures to be the pioneer in equal seamless pay no matter the location. Why should a freelancer have to pay twenty-five percent of their earnings from THEIR hard work to receive their funds? Twenty-five percent is a large chunk taken in countries such as Nigeria, Venezuela, or Indonesia. directoapp is giving back to its community members with fewer fees, and overall a more personable experience with advanced features. Freelancers will receive their funds seven days after an approved project by a shopper. If you are looking for a great project, this is one to follow and be part of.



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