directoapp $DRTP Token Proposition Event Is Set To Kick Off In Early 2023!

The directoapp $DRTP proposition event is set to kick off February 4th — 12th 2023, on and Pinksale & x3Launch are Decentralized Launchpads for Blockchain projects to offer presales, and to help build community support. x3Launch was created by directoapp founder JC Rolison.

The directoapp $DRTP project will be the first to launch on x3Launch, opening the door for continuous Blockchain projects and community supporters. x3Launch will allow projects to host token presales, private presales, and NFTs presales to help boost community awareness in the (DEX) ecosystem. The 4th — 5th of February is set on Pinksale for a 24-hour presale, while the remaining 7 days 5th- 12th of February will be on x3launch. To Participate in the $DRTP event, holders must be Whitelisted. Early holders will receive special incentives for supporting the $DRTP projects funding goal. On the first day the $DRTP Whitelist was revealed to the public, over 700 directoapp community members signed up to reserve their spot for $DRTP. Get in early before the Whitelist is closed!

$DRTP powers the directoapp ecosystem in the Binance Smart Chain Network. The Web3 multi-platform company is offering an advanced ecosystem fueling their freelance marketplace and social community interlaced into one platform. directoapp will save shoppers and freelancers up to forty percent less than centralized competitors. Along with their social community platform where Blockchain community members may engage in different Blocks to stay connected and discover to enhance the Blockchain ecosystem for mass adoption.

To Get Whitelisted: Link:




directoapp is a Web3 freelance marketplace and social community platform. #Web3…

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