directoapp To Issue Rewards Program To Its Community.


Good news directoapp community! Here is your chance to earn $DRTP Rewards. Download the directoapp Android app. All early directoapp users who download the new Web3 application will be rewarded $50 USD in $DRTP.


1. directoapp users must create a directoapp profile with “YOUR” photo.

2. You must be active on the directoapp platform, engage in chat, and offer services and shop plus share your profile link with friends and family.

4. Do not abuse the program by creating multiple accounts, the account must be active and in use.

The directoapp rewards program will incentivize our community users to earn $DRTP. The qualifiers will receive their $DRTP upon the full completion of the directoapp proposition event(s). Anyone who abuses the directoapp rewards program, either by not participating or by creating “multiple” fake account(s) will not qualify. The rewards program starts now!


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