Founder JC Rolison of directoapp Says The Binance Smart Chain Network Is A Game Changer.

A few years ago, founder JC Rolison was working his way into the technology space. An inspiration transpired from a discussion with former Co-founder of Vista Equity, billionaire Brian Sheth. This was the beginning of a new start for the Web3 startup founder. “The conversation with Brian was the starting point for me. Brian inspired me by taking the time to meet to discuss my ideas. After speaking with Brian and his team, I realized my previous company in the fashion industry was similar to building technology. Everything starts from an idea, then the idea must turn into a design. The most important part of what I learned was the importance of building a strong team.”

It is safe to say the discussion JC had with Brian was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity very few are able to achieve. Brian is a well-known respected entrepreneur.

A transition that began by default turned out to be one of the best decisions of JC’s adventure into Blockchain. “I really just had an idea but knew nothing of what to do in tech. Brian had his chief of staff Donald at the time, guide me in the right direction. After a personal experience investing in cryptocurrencies, I began to see the benefits of Blockchain technology. The speed of the transaction is what caught my attention, followed by the low fees to send funds around the world.”

Binance exchange was the first exchange JC Rolison had heard of, which led to learning more in-depth about Binance’s platform and the Binance Smart Chain Network. A very popular smart contract platform with an exchange to power smart contracts for an inexpensive cost.

“I fell in love with Blockchain technology and what it stands for. My interest faded from investing to merely focusing on building emerging technology. My only thought process was to build a better tomorrow that can help so many people around the world connect and –make a living on their own terms.”

JC’s company directoapp is the first Web3 freelance marketplace & social community, an all-in-one platform. It Sounds very interesting and seems like this project has the potential to reach on a global scale.

directoapp is very special. Essentially we provide our community members with a banking system provided by the Binance Smart Chain Network. This allows us to charge up to 40% fewer fees than our competitors, with faster transactions leveraged by smart contracts. Our social community is a social bridge for everyone, especially for Blockchain creatives and community supporters. Our ecosystem is set to shop, earn, collaborate, discover and support the projects you love. We are truly a Decentralized platform, we do not capture any information. Our community members are validated through their public key addresses. Users control their data and privacy along with their funds. Most importantly, we are providing a cross-border solution to help underprivileged individuals, in destitute countries open revenue streams without taking such large fees. Binance is a game changer for the world, and for our company directoapp. The Binance platform gives us an edge in multiple markets due to their inexpensive smart contracts.”

A game-changing ecosystem is what directoapp sounds like to me. As a fan of the Web3 community, this is for sure a project on the top of my list. The directoapp team is set to release $DRTP in February 2023. $DRTP powers the directoapp platform on the Binance Smart Chain Network. If you are looking for a great project with utility and value, look into the directoapp project.

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