How to purchase directoapp’s DRTP Token .

The time has finally arrived for directoapp’s release of their newly Binance Smart Chain Token, DRTP. It is a great time to join the Web3 company and their community to purchase DRTP Tokens. The DRTP Token is based on liquidity which lies between payment transactions and can be used for payments within the directoapp freelance marketplace. The opening price is listed at 0.00002683 BNB, and expected to increase in the second phase of the private sale. The three available payment options for the private sale are in BNB, USDT and Visa. directoapp has made it very clear, their directoapp community’s well being comes first. A private sale ensures the security and protection of the DRTP Token project; and for directoapp team to pay close attention to know early holders. All holders must sign up on the directoapp token platform under their KYC system. The private sale token purchases must be confirmed, and approved manually from the directoapp team. The total token supply is 100 Billion DRTP Tokens, and only 5 Billion of the total supply will be pre-minted and allocated to invites and early community holders. directoapp’s token launch has three stages. Starting with the private sale, followed by a Presale, and then the official public community launch on the Pancakeswap exchange. Unlike many tokens projects, directoapp has been a in business but decided to reform into a Web3 company. Their company’s mission is to advance social communities, and to open revenue streams in destitute countries to expand the global freelance marketplace. For more information, please join the directoapp Telegram channels. and

Below is the YouTube video on how to purchase directoapp’s DRTP Token. Visit their private sale in this link Please read directoapp’s “White Paper” and review the listed Roadmap.



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