Web3 and its Advantage in The Freelance Community

Web3 is the technology that is established as the future of the internet. Websites and apps(dApps) will be able to process information in a seamless way, leveraged by smart contracts on the Blockchain. Big Data, crypto-currencies, and decentralized ledger technology offer a read, write-to-own version of the web giving control to users over their finances, privacy, and web communities.

A freelancer is an individual, which works as self-employed, to deliver a service or services on a contract, or project basis instead of being employed by a company. Other terms for freelancing include; Gig work, Contract work, Independent service, and Independent consultant.


Web3 Blockchain technology can help to advance the freelance community in many ways. Web3 brings advanced benefits to the freelance community by providing seamless engagement, user privacy, and control of data and earnings. In addition, freelancers may get paid much faster through smart contracts in a Web3 platform without barriers. For many cross-border freelancers, Web3 eliminates the need for currency exchange and high fees.

Freelancers no longer need to depend on centralized freelance platforms. They can now use intermediary dApps like directoapp. directoapp is structured to help global freelancers and shoppers save on fees, service providers are able to earn more, with much faster payouts.

There are many ways freelancers are able to use Web3 to monetize their services.

Freelance writers:

A freelancer writer may sell his/her services to startups that are in a variety of markets. If you choose to offer services, you may sell your talents on the platform https://directoapp.com

Here are a few popular freelance services:

Freelancers may also sell their services to Web3 organizations and startups in exchange for tokenized rewards using the directoapp $DRTP ecosystem, backed by the Binance Smart Chain Network.

For the freelance community, there are many ways to earn by providing work but overall by having a supportive community for shoppers and service providers to collaborate. directoapp’s platform is all about community and bridging shoppers with great freelance talent to bring ideas to life.


Web3 and the freelance community will develop over the coming years to master seamless cross-border engagement and to provide equal international pay. directoapp is bridging the gap to create a fair open-source peer-to-peer global freelance workforce ecosystem. You can begin your journey by first becoming familiar with the basics of Web3, as it may be an important part of the web pretty soon.

directoapp Team



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