Web3 company directoapp is Set To Launch $DRTP on Pinksale and x3Launch.


The anticipated wait for directoapp’s $DRTP digital asset is finally over. directoapp is set to launch the first part of the $DRTP event on February 4th, 2023 on Pinksale.finance for its 24-hour presale. The first event on pinksale.finace will only be for Whitelisted members. The second part of the $DRTP event will be held February 25th — March 18th, 2023 on directoapp’s partnership launchpad x3launch to the general public. The first presale will give directoapp Whitelisted members the lowest entry to obtaining $DRTP. The $DRTP digital asset will automatically pool two both Pancakeswap after the Pinksale event, and to 1inch after the x3launch event. These are two of the most popular Decentralized exchanges (DEX) among the Blockchain community.

directoapp has also been offered early acceptance from over 15 Centralized exchanges (CEX), such as CoinStore, BitMart, Kucoin, and many other CEXs who wish to hold the $DRTP digital asset. To review directoapp’s Whitepaper please visit https://drtp.directoapp.com/roadmap, then click on the tab “Whitepaper” to review.

directoapp is the first Web3 freelance marketplace and social community. The Decentralized platform is the first freelance marketplace to use payments in digital assets for faster transactions and fewer fees. $DRTP incentivizes its users to pay less and earn more. Freelancers will now earn more by offering their services in the directoapp $DRTP ecosystem, saving up to 40% from Centralized platforms. directoapp users will be able to share their freelance & social profiles, with friends and family to offer freelance services and constant social community engagement, for chat, calls, and daily posting of topics and discussions.


$DRTP is in the Binance smart Chain network. Binance is known for its low fees compared to its Blockchain competitors. directoapp provides the technology for its users, while Binance provides the payment network for transactions. $DRTP is the native token for the directoapp platform, and can be used for its full ecosystem. To get Whitelisted for the first part of the $DRTP presale, please visit:

Whitelist link:


Pinksale link:




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