What is Web3? The Question Many People Are Asking.


Web3 is currently being viewed as the future of the internet. The new version of the world wide web is part of Blockchain technology. Most of you may have heard of cryptocurrencies, DAOs, and the famous digital NFTs. Web3 has become a hot topic over the past two years and is now entering the mainstream discussion. When the topic of Web3 arises, unfamiliar people are a bit drawn back. Many understand the internet but most still do not understand Web3 or its importance. A version of the Web where an individual connects to a platform using a wallet connection, rather than an email and passcode by way of big tech companies. Users now have control of their data, community, and engagement through a public key address, which is leveraged on the blockchain for transaction verification. Blockchain transactions do not always mean transferring funds, it can be the transfer of data. Web3 is the entry point for facilitating transactions on the internet without being governed by a third-party authority.

Most importantly, Web3 is an ecosystem filled with the protection of privacy, user control of financials, faster transactions, and fewer fees than traditional intermediaries. Although Web3 companies and community users see its capabilities, there are in fact concerns. Due to the complexities of Blockchain components, there has been some backlash and spotlight on some companies, fraudulent activity, and security alerts. Our company directoapp Inc. is working to help improve a more smooth approach for individuals who do not understand Blockchain technology. There are many parts to understand in Blockchain, and it is so new for many people. There need to be more tools in place for better understanding. Educating users is the first step, the next is to create simplified products for users, so they do not have to place much effort into Web3 tools.

Decentralized platforms are assumed to be privately driven communities. The importance to make Web3 more user-friendly is the gateway to mass adoption. Web3 is a transformation of the web, the same as smartphones have forever changed human interaction. Over a 30-year span, the mobile phone has excelled from a blocked phone to a flip and now touch screen. Technology must evolve, but most importantly, Blockchain technology has to be fully understood to gain the attraction of users. We are looking forward to bringing a Web3 infrastructure that can be easily understood for public use without restraint.

Written by directoapp Inc. founder JC Rolison

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