Will directoapp disrupt the freelance market with Web3 technology?

directoapp will be the first Web3, independent service platform to offer a decentralized open marketplace. directoapp has stated, very clearly, they are confident in making these necessary adjustments to suit the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The freelance — gig economy market has increased, post pandemic.

Many workers in the global workforce have adjusted to setting their daily routine remotely. Has this sparked the interest of the workforce ecosystem to step into the freelance space? There is a great possibility! In the US, post-pandemic, more than 55 Million Americans have offered independent services in 2021. Over 1.1 billion independent workers makeup 1/3 of the global workforce and increasing. Not to mention, the fastest adopting technology since the rise of the cell phone era, is Crypto. Advance adoption is spiking, crypto enthusiasts are projected to rise from 300 million users up to 1 billion by 2026.

— JC Rolison, the founder of directoapp, “directoapp will generate through a smart contract on the Binance Chain network. Our Web3 sign in gives users their freedom, and without worry of their information being sold. The blockchain allows nodes to remain anonymous when processing lower transactional fees. We see the benefits of cryptocurrency and what it can do. Cryptocurrency is a tool and can help generate profitability to change so many lives around the world.”

directoapp’s advanced tools will offer an advanced approach with seamless interaction. In addition, directoapp will open revenue streams for underprivileged communities & countries to earn fairly. The world is changing, directoapp’s advanced tools will assist the needs of service providers & shoppers in a decentralized ecosystem. We are excited to see what is next and how directoapp will disrupt the freelance — gig market with their blockchain technology. https://directoapp.com

Written by JC Rolison



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directoapp Inc. is a Web3 company building in freelance and social communities. #Web3 http://t.me/directoapp_com…